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SCI Badgerland Donates Guns to Wisconsin DNR Hunter Safety Classes

Report by Alan Heth, Chapter President

Last July, 2012, the Badgerland Chapter board voted unanimously to purchase and donate 10 guns for the DNR Hunter Safety Education Program.

Chapter Director Dennis Smithback of Smitty’s Guns found us some great values that the Chapter purchased at cost.

DNR Gun purchase at Smitty’s

Six Marlin 22 cal bolt actions and four Mossberg 22cal semi-autos. They will be mixed with other guns at the DNR to make four kits with shotguns and rifles in the mix including other actions. The four kits will all be placed in black plastic rolling guns cases like the ones in the photo. We selected 22 cal rifles this time because the ammo comes from the instructor’s pockets. Instructors will be able to sign out the kits from the DNR Fitchburg office for use in Wisconsin classes.

In 2011, we donated several other long guns that will be used in this endeavor.. and we plan to continue doing this for the DNR. We encourage others to participate with us. You can also donated good working guns to the DNR or Badgerland for this program. Either way you can get a tax deduction for your donation.

Jon King, Wisconsin’s Hunter Education Administrator accepts the guns that are ready to load into cases and then the DNR Hunter Education trailer.

Jon King & Alan Heth

  In addition to these rifles, the Chapter also donated $2,100 that was presented to 7 different Hunter Safety Education groups for use on non-reimbursed expenses… two of which are getting new projector screens for class instruction.

SCI Badgerland is proud to have given the Fall of 2012 Wisconsin Hunter Safety classes a great boost and many of the young hunter’s that take these classes will be the future hunters traveling the world on Safari’s

Thanks for all the volunteer’s, Alan Heth


The Trophy Competition Team has announced the winners of the 2013 Feb Trophy Competition… many thanks to the judges and all who entered. Trophies provided are lost was bronzes. Presentation of Awards at DAW.

N.A. Big Game-

1st place-Brad Miller – Peter Senzig Dall Sheep

N.A. Introduced-

1st place- Paul Raley- White bearded wildebeest


1st –


1st- Rhonda Heth – Dall Sheep


1st- Peter Senzig – Common Lechwe

Rest of World-

1st Ed Seltzner – Arawapa

Alternate Weapons-

1st- Scott McConnell – Spotted Hyena

N.A. Deer –

1st – Jon Olson – Northeastern Whitetail


Sportsmen Unite In Support Of State Management Of Recovered Wolf Populations

“A coalition of the nation’s largest hunting and conservation groups has thanked members of Congress for taking several steps in the right direction for wolf conservation. The coalition recently reminded Congress that all wolves in the Rockies and Great Lakes area are recovered and should now be managed by state biologists. The coalition supports all four pending bills in the House and Senate to move recovered wolf populations to state management. The groups include Congressional Sportsmen’s Foundation, the Boone and Crockett Club, National Rifle Association, and Safari Club International.” Learn more about the wolf related legislation at

The Upland Nation Spreads Its Wings At The Safari Club International Convention

“The Annual Hunters’ Convention held by Safari Club International is a magnet for power players in big game hunting, but this year marked a departure as leaders in upland shooting announced significant developments with far-reaching implications. Quail Unlimited is teaming up with the SCI Foundation to stage an American outdoor game fair intended to rival the sprawling extravaganzas in the UK. Billed as the Southeast’s largest Game Fair, it’s scheduled for September 23-25 at the Foxhall Resort and Sporting Club in Douglassville, Georgia – a section of the US with a distinct heritage of plantation upland shooting.” (Source:  Read More at


SCI Chapters Reach Over 50,000 Youth With Education Sables Grants

Seven SCI Chapters were awarded the SCIF Education Sables Chapter Youth Grant January 2011. Alaska Kenai Peninsula, Central Wisconsin, Flint Regional, Ohio Chapter, Oklahoma Station, Ottawa Valley and Wisconsin Chapters expect to reach in excess of 50,000 youth annually with their outreach programs. Last year, ten SCI Chapters were awarded Chapter Youth grants and will be reporting back this spring on their programs to measure the impact of their success.  The next Chapter Youth Grant applications are due to SCIF Headquarters by April 1, 2011 and will be awarded at the May SCI Board meeting. Please click here for the Chapter Youth Grant application and guidelines.

Alan  Heth, Chapter Humanitarian Services Chair Dear Alan:

SCIF’s Humanitarian Services programs show the caring and compassionate side of our hunting community. A brand-new Humanitarian Services Projects Highlights slide presentation (dated 3/1/11) is now available under the “Members” section of the website and on the Humanitarian Services home page of the website.  Click to view or download the Adobe PDF version or the Microsoft PowerPoint version set to music.  (If you prefer, you may also request that a hard copy be mailed to you on disk.)

The 12-minute presentation contains photo montages and descriptive blurbs covering nearly 50 recent projects undertaken by SCI chapters and individual members in the realm of the Disabled Hunter, SafariCare, SafariWish, Sensory Safari and Sportsmen Against Hunger programs.

It is ideal for use at your chapter fundraiser, banquet or other special event!

Thanks and best regards,

Eva Wilson Humanitarian Services Manager Safari Club International Foundation

Our Chapter again sent two teachers to AWLS

Looking for two more.

The more youth and educators acquiring a positive attitude toward the role of hunting in conservation increases grassroots support for our hunting heritage.   This is what the SCI and SCI Foundation American Wilderness Leadership School (AWLS) accomplishes with its programs.

Your SCI Chapter can help us increase grassroots support by sponsoring one educator from your area.   One educator has the potential to teach between 30 to 1,000 young people in one year depending upon where they are teaching.   One sponsorship is $900.    Sponsoring more means even more youth are reached with our message.

A survey of the 2009 AWLS graduating class indicated they taught what they learned at AWLS to more than 6,000 youth in the first six months of the 2009-2010 school -year using the curriculum tools they got at AWLS.   Each year those educators teach, it increases the number of youth learning about conservation and the positive role of hunting.  In addition, those educators are talking positively to their colleagues about hunting.

If you need help in finding educators to sponsor contact me for contact information of educators who told us they want to attend AWLS.    Our lists include classroom teachers, parks directors, and civilian recreation directors on military bases.   We can help you make contacts in your area.

The AWLS program is useful to anyone who works with youth.

Our goal is to have 250 educators in the 2015 AWLS summer workshops.  You can help us meet that goal and to increase grassroots positive attitudes toward hunting.

Please contact me for Applications:


The Trophy Competition Team has announced the winners of the 2010 Feb Trophy Competition… many thanks to the judges and all who entered.

N.A. Big Game-
1st place- Alan Heth- Brown Bear
2nd place- Dave Ekkebus- C.C. Caribou
3rd place- Alan Heth – Alligator
4th place- Ken Heim- Pronghorn

N.A. Introduced-
1st place- Paul Raley- Aoudad
2nd- Peter Senzig- Addax
3rd- Mary Ekkebus- mouflon
Dustin Dolgner- 1st-Hawaiian Black ram
1st-M. Ekkebus- C.C.Caribou
2nd- Andrea Raley- Texas Whitetail
1st- John Williamson- S.Greater Kudu
2nd- Scott McConnell- Cape Bushbuck
3rd-Mary Ekkebus- S.Impala
Rest of World-
1st C.McConnell- N.Z. Tahr
2nd- Dave Ekkebus- Fallow deer
3rd- Dave Ekkebus- Red deer
Alternate Weapons-
1st- Scott McConnell- Vaal Rhebok
2nd- Alan Heth- whitetail
3rd- Matt Raley- whitetail
4th- Robert Rau- Merino ram

Moratorium on Namibian Leopard & Cheetah Extended into 2014. Only very limited amounts available.

If you are booked for a leopard or cheetah hunt in Namibia for 2014, be aware that the Namibian Ministry of Environment and Tourism (MET) has extended its moratorium on hunting permits for these species into the 2014 season. According to the Namibia Professional Hunting Association (NAPHA), all hunters with hunts booked for leopard or cheetah next season should consider their hunts to be on standby until further notice.

SCIF Receives Top Four-Star Rating By Charity Navigator For Third Consecutive Year

Safari Club International Foundation (SCIF) has again received the highest possible rating from Charity Navigator (CN), the independent charity evaluation service, for the third consecutive year.  Charity Navigator is a respected guide to charitable organizations in the United States. In determining its rating, CN considers growth in the organization’s ability to raise capital for its charitable purposes, and the efficiency with which its resources are spent. A high rating from CN shows that an organization is effective at attracting donations and at making sure that most of the money is spent on charitable purposes rather than overhead.

“We are proud to announce Safari Club International Foundation has earned our Four-Star rating for its ability to efficiently manage and grow its finances,” said Ken Berger, President and Chief Executive Officer of CN, in a letter to SCIF. “Only 13% of the charities we rate have received at least 3 consecutive 4-star evaluations, indicating that Safari Club International Foundation consistently executes its mission in a fiscally responsible way, and outperforms most other charities in America. This “exceptional” designation from Charity Navigator differentiates Safari Club International Foundation from its peers and demonstrates to the public it is worthy of their trust.”

Expert: Banning Hunting Is a Mistake

Gaborone — An expert on Friday warned that the banning of hunting in preference to photographic safaris could have a devastating effect on the environment and the wildlife it is expected to preserve.  (Source: Online) Read the full article HERE.

SCI Badgerland Promotes DNR Hunter Education program in Wisconsin

June 2009 the SCI Badgerland Chapter initiated… a ‘Call for Arms’ from its members and other SCI members in Wisconsin. Guns donated will be used for Wisconsin’s DNR Hunter Education Program.

The state’s DNR never has enough firearms available to offer adequate instruction time to each of the 35 to 75 students that attend each session. Instructors often bring their personal firearms to class to ensure the students receive the highest level of instruction they can provide.

SCI Badgerland has made an arrangement with the Tim Lawhern, DNR’s Hunter Education Administrator. SCI Members statewide can donate firearms to the ‘Hunter Education Program’ through Badgerland. SCI Badgerland Chapter is registered as a non-profit. Donations may qualify the donor for a tax deduction. Firearms do not need to be new or fancy.  They just need to be serviceable and in safe working order.

This ongoing Badgerland project has just started and has already received seven 22 rifles and three shotguns. Three rifles donated were brand new and still in the boxes. SCI members Dave Strassman and Jim Shurts donated their first guns… a Winchester Model 12 and a Model 94.

This project is very important for the Hunting Education Instructors to effectively teach our youth and future hunters about gun safety and hunting. SCI has focused on ‘First for Hunters’ and ‘Youth Hunting’. This program is very important for our hunting future.

A Call for Arms

The Department of Natural Resources Hunter Education Program is a significant factor in the efforts to promote and preserve the hunting heritage in the State of Wisconsin.  Classes offered in various communities fill up quickly, and dedicated volunteer instructors donate their enthusiasm, expertise and time to ensure that the next generation of hunters will be safe and informed.  It is priceless to observe a student, be they a youngster or adult, transform from timid to confident as they demonstrate the safe and proper ways to handle, load and unload a long gun.  There is an ongoing need for more than volunteers…

Much of the time spent in the fifteen to eighteen hours of Hunter Education classes is spent instructing the students on the proper methods of handling firearms.  Currently, the DNR provides to the instructors as many firearms as it has available for each of the many classes held annually. The DNR never has enough firearms available to offer adequate instruction time to each of the 35 to 75 students that attend each session. Instructors often bring their personal firearms to class to ensure the students receive the highest level of instruction they can provide.  This arrangement is neither convenient nor adequate.  Instructors may not have the types of firearms needed, or they may not be comfortable sharing their favorite, and often expensive, firearms with the students.

This ‘Call for Arms’ is directed to the Wisconsin members of SCI. SCI Badgerland has made an arrangement with the DNR, Tim Lawhern, Hunter Education Administrator, so that SCI Members statewide can donate firearms to the ‘Hunter Education Program’. Badgerland Chapter is registered as a non-profit. Donations may qualify the donor for a tax deduction. Firearms do not need to be new or fancy.  They just need to be serviceable and in safe working order.

Shotguns and rifles in any of the five types of actions ‘bolt, break, pump, lever and semi-auto’ are required at each session.  20 ga. Shotguns and 22 long rifle caliber firearms are the most sought after types for use in live fire training since they work best for younger students. However, any gauge shotgun or any caliber rifle in safe, serviceable condition will be gratefully accepted. Please look through your cabinets and safes for firearms in any of the five action types which you might be able to bear parting with.

You can make a positive difference in the future of Youth Hunting in the great State of Wisconsin through your generosity. This program deals directly to SCI’s focus on Youth Hunter.

All State SCI members can conduit the gun donation through their own Chapter or as a taxable deduction through SC I Badgerland. To arrange a donation, you may contact Ken at the phone number or email listed below. Thanks in advance for your generosity.

SCI Badgerland’s Call for Arms Donor List 2009

Donations are to the Badgerland Chapter a 501 c3 charitable entity.

Donor Name Make Model Action caliber
Alan Heth Harrington Richardson 88 break 410ga
Alan Heth Mossberg Plinkster 702 semi auto 22 long
Alan Heth Mossberg Plinkster 702 semi auto 22 long
Alan Heth New England Firearms Pardner SB1 break 20ga
Dennis Smithback Savage Mark 1  Accutrigger bolt 22 long
Alan Heth Springfield 940 E break 20ga
Dave Strassman Winchester Model 12
Dave Strassman Winchester Model 94
Jim Shurts Winchester Model 190 22 long
Jim Shurts Marlin Glenfield Model 10 22 long

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