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2018 “HUNTER’S EXPO”. Friday February 16th and Saturday February 17th at Madison Marriott West, Middleton, WI 

  • Are you an Exhibitor, Outfitter, Guide, Professional Hunter or Hunt Booking Agent?
  • Do you have a product or service that hunters and sportsmen want or need?

If so, you should consider displaying at our event.

Why “SCI BADGERLAND”? SCI Badgerland Chapter has a proven strategy to provide the best hunters convention possible for the mutual benefit of SCI, Badgerland Chapter, our vendors, donors and the sporting public.

“HUNTER’S EXPO” attracts many Wisconsin, Iowa, Illinois and Minnesota hunters. SCI- Badgerland Chapter will be able to showcase your outdoor oriented business to the best potential client base possible.

As we grew our sponsor and advertising program provide high walk-in traffic and hunt auction buyers to help fill your lodge or camp throughout the season.  U.S. hunters are ALL deer hunters first. It is an American hunter’s #1 big game trophy animal. Trophy deer are our first love but not our only passion. There are deer worldwide as well as 100’s of other species that our members and non-member guests desire to hunt.  Midwestern hunters are well known for their ability and eagerness to travel for adventure. Our economy is stronger and recreational income higher and getting more stable.

No matter what size any facility might be there is still a limit to the vendor space and we hope you see the benefit to joining us now to secure your space for 2018 and beyond.

This is not just another SCI Chapter weekend but something very special that is growing at “HUNTER’S EXPO 2018”

Please note some of this may change for the February 2018 banquet. Please call to discuss your donation.

Dennis Smithback – Banquet Chair (608) 764-5859

SEE DONOR FORM, EXHIBITOR/DONOR and BOOTH FORM below. Click to view or save and mail to: SCI Badgerland, PO Box 456, Deerfield WI 53531

Hunt Donor Form

Merchandise Donation Form



All Vendors must be SCI members and all booths need approval of banquet chairperson.

  • Booth spaces are $100 each 10′ wide X 8′ deep.
  • Corner spaces on request are $200 each. Multiple booth receive 10% discount.
  • Booth includes 1 skirted table, 2 chairs, standard pipe & drape and electric service is included.
  • Booths may not be shared without permission of SCI Badgerland Chapter Floor Manager.
  • All booths allocated on a First Come, First Served basis and/or approval of banquet chairperson.
  • Dinner Tickets should be ordered in advance.
  • Hotel reservations are the responsibility of the vendor/donor 
  • Set-up time begins at 9 AM Friday Feb 16th, 2018 and needs to be completed by 4 PM.
  • Doors to Exhibits open at 4:00 PM Feb 16th and  & 11 AM on the 18th.
  • Dinners at 7pm.
  • This information is tentative and could change as we get closer to the event.  Please contact Dennis if you have questions. 

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