It’s July already! Time to prepare, promote — and hunt!


From the President’s Cluttered Desk:

– By David J. Ekkebus, SCI Badgerland President

Whoa, diddly-dang, the first of the month zipped right by again and it’s the 3rd already. It’s July and I have only been hunting for THREE DAYS ALL YEAR. I gotta get my priorities in order here.


Big Day! September 15, Next regular monthly meeting at Prime Quarter Steakhouse.

BIGGER DAY! SATURDAY JULY 17 Sporting Clays “FUN SHOOT” and picnic at Waunakee Gun Club in Dane, Wisconsin. Be there! The only thing more fun with a shotgun is shooting doves in Argentina, trust me.

BIGGEST DAY AUGUST 7 DINING AROUND THE WORLD AT CHULA VISTA. Guns galore! Fabulous food! Silent Auction! Great Raffles! Live Auction! More food! More Fun! There is only ONE good reason to miss a SCI Banquet, and hunting season is not open on August 7th. See flier on this site and call Dan Jackson NOW. Buy a table and invite your friends to join you for a great evening and a good cause.

Ok, we’re all pumped up about the coming hunting seasons but now would be a good time to get into the woods and check on your tree stands and elevated blinds. Why wait until the day before or the day you have a catastrophic accident? Your safety harness won’t help you if you don’t wear it ALL the time. Hunt smart, hunt safe.

PLEASE SEND YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS TO <>. Alan will be getting you timely updates on all the chapter events throughout the year. Postage, paper, printing and time keeps climbing in cost all the time and email is a really inexpensive way to keep everyone updated and save the club all that expense. I don’t think it will be long before mail goes completely out of style for meetings and fundraisers. Also, if you have a group of hunters, family, friends or business clientele with a lot of hunters talk to Alan and he’ll get you a Jpg. or Pdf. file to forward to your email list too. HELP US- HELP SCI -HELP OUR FUNDING PROJECTS! Someone once told me “it’s not what you know but who you know” and I think he was right! Let’s get the words out NOW.

All you lucky folks who have been traveling the world this summer get those trophy photos up on the website. Write your article for HUNTERS. File a Hunt Report for the website too!

Summer is a great time to squeeze in a great little exotic hunt, axis in Texas, boars in Michigan, rams all over the country. Get out there. Don’t just sit there and wait for the calendar to make it hunting season in Wisconsin. There is hunting available year around and you won’t even need a passport or more than a couple tanks of gas. Tell me all about it at Dining Around the World on August 7th. See you all there. Have a great summer.