Good Grub, a Growing Chapter, and Bowhunting in Texas


From the President’s Cluttered Desk:

– By David J. Ekkebus, SCI Badgerland President

Well. I’m on time, tardy as always with my SEZ message. I could pretend that I wanted to wait until Dining Around the World IX was over to get this out but the fact is I was busy…. hunting. That’s my excuse and I am sticking to it.

If you supported your SCI Chapter and attended the event on Saturday August 7 you are probably on a diet for at least the rest of the month like myself. Boy, that was “good grub”! Italian, German, American entrees all set out in themed buffet stations made it a grand time. Great guns and other goodies on the raffles, super live and silent auction items made it a good night for all.  I know there are many things to do on a summer night but you should never miss an SCI event. There are two trips still available until August 31st. Check them out!

Badgerland Chapter has over 70 new members this year and growing so don’t miss your chance to join SCI. Members sign up a friend, relative or hunting friends to help provide for conservation in Wisconsin and anywhere you hunt or dream of hunting. It’s all about YOU and your freedom to enjoy your passion for our American hunting heritage.

My recent hunting adventure was to get some experience with a new bow. I have not been serious about the “stick and sting” method for about 40 years and I just wanted to get back into the thrill of seeing deer and maybe shooting something while at the same time being able to feel my fingers and toes. Rifle and muzzle-loader hunting is great. But there are days when it’s more brutal frustration than pleasant and successful.

I did learn that the newest toys from Bow Tech are devastatingly deadly compared to my first generation compound of bygone years. I bet the other brands are as good or better too. I also learned that when it’s 90+ degrees on a sunny day in Texas it is possible to drink 27 gallons of water, one bottle at a time, and wring out your shirt. I discovered that Oklahoma has replaced Wisconsin for the most miles of one lane Interstate I have ever encountered in one day. My son-in-law enlightened me to the fact that the company that makes those orange barrels and cones has no real location and thus simply stores the things on roads all about the country regardless if there is actually any work being done or not. Warehouse space is provided out in the open by each state and usually on the side of the road I  am using. I suspect Mr. Murphy is using the other side where there are no barrels being warehoused.

I like hunting Texas (but then I like hunting anywhere). Mainly I like Texas because there is always some big game to hunt and I can always fit in a little jaunt to fit my schedule. I strongly suggest you try it sometime between January and September and fill that void if you can’t get to Africa, Argentina or “down under” when the home seasons are closed.  If you believe ranch hunting is too easy I suggest you try to kill one specific animal with a bow and arrow on 2000 acres of brush, trees, wide prairies, rocky ridges, cornflake old leaves and steep rock basins. Oh, and watch were you step, Texas has cactus, rattlesnakes and water moccasins just to make things a tad more interesting. I think you would probably like “interesting”. So get off that couch and get out hunting!

Your Badgerland Directors are now taking aim on the grand February Convention, Trophy Competition and Fundraising Auction. February 11 & 12, 2011. Mark that calendar! Decide what trophies you will enter!  Watch this website for all the auction hunts and other items!