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2011 SCI Badgerland Provides Two UWSP Scholarships


2010 Badgerland makes Antler Donations


Important Notice ‘Sportsman against Hunger’

Reported by Alan Heth

Johnson Sausage Shoppe is now listed on SCI’s National Register for meat processors and Sportsman Against Hunger.

Mike & Chris Johnson long time SCI members and makers of Award winning Premier custom sausage and brats welcomes you to bring your wild game to them. Their operation is full service from hoof to plate.

The SCI International website under Humanitarian services can lead you to the closest meat processor in Wisconsin or any other State in the USA (for those on a hunting adventure out of Wisconsin). More info at I won’t give you the exact link because everyone deserves the chance to surf International’s website as well as their Chapter’s website. Our SCI Badgerland website is open to the public at and you can find the direct link on the Humanitarian page and on the opening page for those who just need to find a local meat processor quickly.

Pictured: Mike and Chris Johnson receiving some aprons and caps for ‘Sportsman against Hunger’ courtesy of SCI presented by  Alan Heth this November, 2010.

SCI Badgerland helps provide for Sensory Safari Day August 2010

by Rick Culver


On Sunday August 1st, 2010 the A.D. Sutherland Chapter of the Izaak Walton League located in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin, held its Third Annual Teddy Bear Hunt. It was a beautiful day without a cloud in the sky.

This year they had 156 “hunters” ages 2 to 14 participating in the hunt. The hunt started with a stop in their clubhouse to fill out a hunting license. After receiving their license, the hunters headed to the woods to bag a teddy bear. Each license allowed for one bear which then is brought back to the club house to be registered, at which point the hunter took final possession. Approximately half of the bears were specially tagged. If the hunter bagged a tagged bear,

First Hunters of the day

they received a bonus prize. This year, some of the prizes were hats, shirt, totes, and flashlights.

After the hunt the kids had numerous events they could participate in on the grounds at various stations. This included a nature walk through the grounds (the club is part of the Niagra Escarpment), an archery range, an air rifle & BB gun shoot, a fish casting area, as well as a bird feeder building area in which kids got to keep their project.

This year the highlight was definitely the SCI Badgerland Sensory Safari Trailer. At a time in their lives when kids are told not to touch things, the chance to see and touch EVERYTHING was a huge hit, with not just the kids but the adults too. The Sensory Safari Trailer is a wonderful teaching tool!

The A.D. Sutherland Chapter greatly appreciates the use of the SCI Sensory Trailer and wishes to pass a special thanks to SCI Badgerland members Damon and Nola Mills for the time and effort to help with the trailer.

It is our hope that through organizations like Izaak Walton and SCI that we can pass on the concept of conservation through sustainable use to the next generation of hunters.

Rick Culver

A.D. Sutherland Chapter, Vice President

SCI Life Member & SCI Badgerland Member

August 2010 SCI Badgerland Reports another Three more Blue bags to South Africa

Here is our story as reported by Beth Zimmerman  for hunters Joe and Beth Zimmerman, Dan Powers, and Wesley Phillips:

We had decided that before we left this July 2010 for South Africa that we wanted to bring some school supplies in blue bags with us. We had mentioned this to some friends and businesses and they were also excited that we were doing it. We wish that we had decided to start the process of buying supplies earlier because it was hard to find a world map. Joe’s sister, Mary came up with one in time. Friends wanted to donate something so between receiving some small cash donations and also receiving school supplies augmenting buying supplies ourselves. People were so generous that we had to turn away donations due to lack of bag space. Wisconsin’s Safari Club International’s  Badgerland Chapter had provided 3 blue bags for us to transport the school supplies.

Jet Blue only charged us $30.00 for each extra bag. The $90 spent was well worth it. Dan Powers and Wes Phillips said that they didn’t care as it was for the kids. South Africa Airlines didn’t charge anything as they allow 2 bags per person.

Before we arrived in South Africa “Hunter Safari” owner, Deon Cilliers and PH, Ketsie, had arranged that we would go to Sandsprut Farm School. This school had 2 teachers and 25 kids in grades 1st to 6th grade. One room for was 1st to 3rd classes. The other room was for 4th to 6th. The children had a big surprise once we arrived. This school is located on our PH’s father’s property. It was only the two rooms with mud and dung floors. No electricity or plumbing. Once it was explained to the kids why we were there they helped us unload the SCI blue bags and carry them into the school house. We emptied all the bags and sorted everything out. The school had a globe stand but no globe in it. That World Map was needed. We had also brought flash cards, pencils, pens, paper, solar calculators, erasers, scissors, rulers, ABC charts, reading books, Elmer’s glue, T-Shirts, sewing kits, kazoo’s, mouth harmonicas, plastic flutes, soccer balls and punch balls. The Yoyo’s were a big hit and we wish we would of brought more of those. We handed out suckers to the kids and they didn’t know to take the paper off. They had never seen a sucker before. The kids were shy at first then after they started handing out everything it was total chaos. Before we left the students sang us a song which was very nice. And they said “Thank You”, “Thank You”, “Thank You”!! As we left the school the kids chased the vehicle down the driveway. Now I said to the PH ~ now that’s what I call FUN!

This visit to Sandsprut Farm School was very rewarding. The teachers and students were very grateful. They even told us we could come back. It’s something that we will never forget. It was a very easy process for this to all happen. We would like to thank everyone that donated to the children.

The SCI Humanitarian Blue Bag is a winner with us and many happy kids in South Africa.

We will go back to Africa again just so we can bring the blue bags back with school supplies..and also to go hunting again.

Youth Education Event: July & August 2010

Our SCI Chapter sponsored 10 more kids to attend. We also gave a sponsorship to Wiks World to help get that hunter message out to today’s Next Generation of hunters. This our second year participating with Brandon.

July 2010 SCI Badgerland Takes Three Full Blue Bags to a School in RSA

By Colleen Stender

SCI Badgerland Chapter, member



School kids with 3 stuffed bags

If it takes a village to raise a child, what does it take to educate a child?  The answer is a lot of concerned SCI members. Relatively new SCI members Harley and Tina Berra, Charlie Kasten, Mike Ruedy, my husband Art Stender and myself, with the help of our Badgerland Pres. David Ekkebus and Alan Heth, decided to take on the task.


SCI members and outfitter Willem and Amanda Basson of Zeekopan Safaris, who donate many hunts to local chapters each year, made it all happen. Amanda and I discussed a local Zulu school, Phenyane State-Aided School, South Africa. We were informed by them that they are given paper and pencils by the state, but were lacking much. I had Amanda ask what the teacher’s dream list would be and she forwarded a long list. This would take quite a financial commitment by our group .


Amanda then suggested that we order the goods there and have a needed chalk board made locally to get more for our dollar. There were cases of calculators, cases of filled school boxes for each child, and cases of many more items put into three SCI Blue Bags.


By far the most rewarding part of the trip was taking everything to our Zulu school. We were treated to speeches, songs, and dance by the students who range in age from kindergarten to tenth grade.


We were hunting that afternoon and when we returned there had been a call from tearful teachers. Apparently they had not realized how much we brought until they opened the cases. No one had ever done anything for them of that magnitude and they were extremely grateful.


A huge thank you goes to Willem and Amanda Basson for their time, my great friends, and my husband for their financial support.

What a wonderful way to complement our May 2010 South African adventure. We will have treasured memories forever.

May 2010 Badgerland SST at the WOKE

By Mary Karow

The SCI Badgerland Sensory Safari Trailer was once again a hit at the 2010 Wisconsin Outdoor Kids Expo.

The event was held at the Dodge County Fair Grounds located about 3 miles off of Hwy 33 East of Beaver Dam on Thursday, May 13th and Friday, the 14th.

Our Regional Representative and active Board member, Dan Jackson, should be commended for his diligence in transporting the SST so it can be viewed at these events.

Roughly 3800 Fifth graders from the state along with numerous Teachers and parent chaperones attended this year. The rain ending late on Wednesday made for a few puddles on Thursday, so most were donning rubber boots and rain gear just in case. The cloudy weather did nothing to dampen enthusiastic kids and attendance was even higher on Friday with Sunny skies and a fierce wind.

We are so fortunate to be part of an organization whose members donated money, time, skills, and content for this trailer. Most of these kids have had absolutely no exposure to even touch a piece of an animal’s hair, fur, feathers, horns, antlers, teeth, claws and they marvel at the sensation it provokes, to say nothing of seeing animals they didn’t even know existed… and that you can hunt them! Besides the SST, many other “camps” are set up for the kids to experience, including fishing, archery and the very popular rifle range to name but a few.

This event is operated on donations. Funds were lacking this year, and it will be a shame if it comes to an end. It is a perfect opportunity to influence not only young minds, but some older ones as well that these sports that we so dearly enjoy are also a God given right.

See you on the trail, Mary Karow

Teacher Education May 2010

Our Badgerland Chapter is sponsoring two teachers this year to AWLS ranch in Jackson Hole Wyo. For more info about AWLS check

….. or SCI National’s page on AWLS

Our Teacher choices this year were

Kristi Hawk a 7-9 Science Teacher at Port Edwards, Wis. She is from a nature deficit family and wants to expand her comfort zone as an environmental education instructor. What better place than with SCI?

Next is Michael Dahlman a Madison Heights School teacher for Language Arts. Mike has always been a fisherman and understands the harvest. He would like to gather materials to begin an extra-curricular outdoor education club.

By educating teachers we can educate others about our American Hunting heritage and SCI First For Hunters.

Hunting Camp For Kids July 2009

by Brandon Wikman



Brandon, Camera man, and some of the kids

Nature has blessed me with a potent spell that has embraced my ability to motivate, educate and lead the country’s next generation into the  wonders of wildlife. It’s an unexplainable mystique only revealed in the great outdoors. It is the sacred nurturing process of becoming an outdoors person.

A cure to help grow more hunters, fisherman, and outdoor enthusiasts across the United States is the introduction of Wik’s World Outdoors Camp on weekends in July near the famous Wisconsin Dells, WI area.

My relentless pursuit to boost our youth’s involvement in the outdoors has spurred an interactive hunting camp for kids aged seven to twenty-one. Wik’s World Outdoors Camp supersedes the normal boundaries of teaching participants about deer, turkey, bear, and other Wisconsin game species. We integrate the key values of ethics, morals and respect, which is so critical to adolescents.

During the daily sessions, we educate campers about how to find shed antlers, grow big buck food plots, scout for trophy deer, and improve archery, .22, and shotgun shooting performance skills along with so much more. It is an entire days worth of experiencing some of the most essential topics in the world of hunting.

I’ve been incredibly fortunate to meet some great partners that share the same feelings and values towards educating youth. Safari Club International’s Badgerland Chapter has teamed with my camp to provide a genuine opportunity for kids to experience Wik’s World Camp all across the Midwest. SCI Badgerland Chapter has undertook the rewarding task of sending an assortment of individuals to participate in the once in a lifetime event. Youth between the ages of seven to twenty-one were provided sponsorship to attend the camp. Many of the individuals came from underprivileged, low income, and non-hunting households. The SCI Badgerland Chapter has helped me change the face of today’s hunter through cultivating their soul with workmanship, trust, and goal-oriented objectives.

The SCI Badgerland Chapter has also furnished Wik’s World Camp with the Chapter’s Sensory Safari trailer. It makes for an incredible spectacle at the camp grounds. The Sensory Safari is a trailer chocked full of exotic game species from across the globe. From amazing full-body mounts to interesting skin furs, participants are able to get an up close and personal look at game animals from different regions of the earth. Not only do they get to see visually, but also touch and feel.

I handed out a survey to all participants who attended camp in the summer 2009. My goal was to discover how many children were lucky enough to have a parent or friend take them hunting or hunting with them in the last two years. Sadly… the numbers communicated an entirely new problem. The majority of male and female participants responded that their parent, guardian, or friends have hunted… but never took, taught, or gave them the time of day. Digging into the minds of today’s youth, I understand the necessary steps involved to attach the future’s hunters of today with the outdoors.

Through endless efforts of renewing and recycling future hunters, I have federations, associations, and organizations to sincerely thank for their assistance. If it weren’t for sponsoring organizations like the National Wild Turkey Federation, Whitetails Unlimited, and SCI Badgerland, I wouldn’t be able to accomplish my dreams.

I try to tie in every exhilarating aspect of the outdoors and cater it to an ever so  changing demographics. The up and coming hunters of today share different interests and see things on a totally different perspective than their parents or grandparents. Wik’s World Camp specializes in bridging to people who are cultured in today’s extreme society back into the outdoors in a revolutionary way.

I firmly believe that dedicating and committing yourself to something your passionate about is one of the greatest feelings you’ll ever experience in life. With the good fortune of co-hosting an aspiring youth television show, The Next Generation, which airs on the Outdoor channel, I take with me a humbling attitude and a will to make a difference in a kid’s full-fledged outdoor experience. My camp assistants are professional cameramen and field producers for some of the largest outdoor and sporting networks in the country.  I believe we make a great team effort in educating others about what the outdoors has to offer.

World Outdoors Camp ( is just my way to set an example and role model for our future. It is a feeling that rids by soul, a nagging tug to really pour my efforts into something that has potential to enrich the soul of a newcomer to our beloved sport.

For more information about SCI Badgerland member, Brandon Wikman or registering for his interactive outdoors and hunting camp, check out his website at or call (608) 547-4019.

Brandon Wikman is the host of The Next Generation Television Show, which airs on the Outdoor Channel weekly. He’s also the owner of Wik’s World Outdoor Camp, an interactive and educational hunting camp for teenagers during July! To learn more about Wikman and his youth hunting camp, visit

SCI Badgerland, once again, was a primary cash sponsor for the“4th Don Heding Memorial Youth Shoot” July 18th, 2009 in Fall River, Wisconsin.

41 Kids participated in the days event that featured trap shooting, also, had a B-B gun range for the younger kids without Hunter Safety training.

The event was a great success with many volunteers providing a safe shooting event for kids.





Humanitarian Event: Vision Accomplished. Thanks to all participants.

Our SCI Badgerland Chapter  sponsored five HUNTERS to hunt at this November 7th, 2009, Mary & Rich Karow and Art & Colleen Stender donated fees for two more HUNTERS. That makes 7 that the Chapter sent. Two were Veterans. One Wounded Warrior took 4 pheasants with 5 shots. Better than I could do.

In addition, we had many volunteers come to help. Some bringing their bird dogs to assist. Our Chapter was excited to be part of this Youth Education opportunity.

Mith Pheasant Crest sign

Smith Pheasant Crest sign

Smith’s Pheasant Crest Hunting Preserve.

N2675 County Road A
Oxford, WI 53952-8828


Smith Hunters 4

Smith Hunters


The hunt is now over and what a pleasing success. The 6th year and the hunt had 27 Disabled Hunter partake in the chase of Pheasants. So many wonderful volunteers… helping in every aspect. Dogs and handlers, gals dishing out food, the kids that helped with everything was not unnoticed nor unappreciated.

Wayne & Robin Smith Family, John Martinson, plus SCI Badgerland and many non-affliated wonderful helpers can be very proud of their efforts.

Once I get all the copy we will post the event photos on the “Badgerland Event Photo Page”. From that page you can download pictures through GALLERY.

Our Sensory Safari Trailer was on hand and Dan Jackson told all the details about the contents to the many inquisitive visitors. All hunters, but some just had never seen a Vietnam Mouse-Deer, also known as the Silver-backed chevrotain. It is a species of even-toed ungulate in the Tragulidae family. As of 2004 it was unclear if any Vietnam Mouse-deer are surviving. That is not from over sport hunting as the environment has not been hunting friendly often. Likely is habitat loss as is also the situation with the Particolored Flying Squirrel from Nam we also have on display.

Our gimpy Pres Dave showed up to take a lot of Pics and help drive the quads. I think in a few more years Dave and I will be passengers.

Since a photo is worth a thousand words… I will invite you to the EVENTS PHOTO PAGE which will update this event and others will be added.

Alan Heth

Smith Hunters 3

Smith Hunters 3

Smith Hunters 2 
John Martinson, Organizer bags four pheasants

John Martinson, Organizer bags four pheasants



2009 Smith's Pheasant Crest SCI Badgerland Helper's, missing Dustin Dolgner

2009 Smith’s Pheasant Crest SCI Badgerland Helper’s, missing Dustin Dolgner

Bigger story will be in Hunter Magazine when we get all the pics.


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