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Madison Deer & Turkey Expo

Crossposted from Madison Deer and Turkey Expo at Grow the Hunt

– By Brandon Wikman

Thousands of hardcore beard bustin’, bone collectin’ outdoor fanatics flocked to Madison, Wisconsin last weekend. The Madison Deer and Turkey Expo is the granddaddy of outdoors expos in the Midwest. The show generated interest, great business, and lasting memories for all who participated.

The show lasted for an adventurous and non-stop 3 days. Crowds of eager people walked wide-eyed through the endless lanes of exhibitors. At times during the show, I wish I were one of the visitors, because I absolutely love checking out new products, meeting people, and learning more about the industry through the eyes of a consumer. Instead, I had the pleasure of representing my booth and shaking hands with all the wonderful people who stopped to say hi.

During the show, many exciting events are taking place. Some of the most notable and respected outdoor personalities were enthusiastic to share tips and techniques at seminars. Seminars were topically scattered from food plots, to dog training, and even shed hunting. It presented an appealing mix of hobbies for all outdoor goers and doers!

Several hundreds of fortunate hunters brought their big mounts to the show for professional judges to score. They even had a big-buck contest, which was truly a sight to see. It was just another reason I feel blessed to live in the big buck haven of Wisconsin. The show also had a new product section displayed, where vendors had the opportunity of presenting their most prized product for 2009.

Throughout the entire show, I had a chance to listen to some unforgettable hunting stories, which make some of mine look bleak. It’s always fascinating to see how some people get so animated and involved in telling their stories. Their true passion and love for the outdoors is shown through their emotions. It is a simple reminder of why we all venture into the woods and a field to relish the moments of nature’s blessing.

Sunday I took a moment to stroll through the winding booths, which speckled the Alliant Energy Center. Some of my best friends and partners in the industry attended, making it that much more amazing.

Madison Deer & Turkey ExpoIt didn’t take too long to find the deer-crazy dudes from White Knuckle Productions. Todd Pringnitz and the rest of the crew always seem to animate the crowds of people lined-up to grab their hunting DVD’s. This year they introduced a brand new DVD called, “Full Circle” which was absolutely incredible. These boys know how to throw down great footage on a yearly-basis.

The show came to a close at 4pm Sunday. It was another great year of meeting people from across the Midwest and passing on the traditions of what hunting is all about, which is making eternal memories with friends.